Day: June 20, 2018

  • Compiling RaspiVid Only

    To build raspivid and only raspivid then the following command should do it (assuming your repo ( clone is in ~/userland): gcc -o myraspivid RaspiVid.c RaspiCamControl.c RaspiPreview.c RaspiCLI.c \ -I$HOME/userland -I$HOME/userland/host_applications/linux/libs/bcm_host/include \ -L/opt/vc/lib -lbcm_host -lvcos -lpthread -lmmal_core -lmmal_util -lmmal_vc_client

  • Streaming Video from raspberry PI

    tested with RasPi 3B with Raspbian Jessie, IPv4 address Ubuntu 16.04 client, IPv4 address raspivid options used: option explanation -pf baseline use baseline profile (no B-frames) which reduces delay -b 1000000 bitrate (1MBit/s) -g 30 GOP (group of pictures) size of 30, i.e. send an I-frame every second -ih inline headers: send SPS…