xlsx library for C++

I had the need to make excel spread sheets for humans to see results a program I made with C++ was producing.
I used to use a licensed library named libxl but after moving to newer versions of Visual Studio I ended up having difficulties to get this library working (probably because my license was for an older version of visual studio). After some looking around for another library I came across libxlsxwriter. This is an excellent library for writing xlsx files which supports even excel 2016. I was impressed on how easily one seem to be able to use it. So I thought I would give it a try.
I was even more impressed on how easy it was to compile. All you need is to have a compiled version of ZLib and that is it (compiling ZLib was very easy too). After the usual CMake and compile with you favorite compiler you are ready to go. I compiled with Visual Studio 2017 and I was able to get it working in under 10 minutes. And after half hour I had completely changed from my previews library to this new one. AWSOME!

I will like to thank the guys at libxlsxwriter for making such an an amazing tool and also the people at ZLib for the open source ziping library they have made which make otehr projects possible.