Interesting IDE

I was looking around for an interesting GUI library which would allow me to make cross platform programs for commercial use for free.

Qt Creator
which is a great tool, can be use but there are a lot of comments out there mentioning that if one wants to use the Qt library for commercial purposes it is better to get get a license from Qt or a good lawyer just to make sure one is not inferring in any of the aspects of the Qt license. Or make the source-code open smiley. But this may not be a possibility some times.

While doing some research around I came across the wxWidget library which seems to fulfilled my needs. It is a great open-source library which has been in develop since before Qt and it has a large documentation. I had already come across this in the past while developing with Code::Bloks but I had never tried it.

Then while looking at this library I cam across an IDE call CodeLite which comes with a GUI builder named wxCrafter. This last piece of software is payed for, but it only cost $35 at the time of writing this post which I would say is well worth.
The IDE does not have its own compiler but it uses third party compiler. In Linux this configures rapidly with gcc and g++ while in windows one can use Mingw or I believe that even Visual studio C++ compile can be use. In following posts I will introduce the way of setting these up under windows and linux but for now if you want to read more about it I will point you in the right direction:

wxWidget GUI Library:
CodeLite IDE: