Mounting Partition for Owncloud

To be able to access a partition from own cloud one the proper permissions have to be given.

To list the partitions run the following command:

sudo fdisk -l

A list of all hard drives and partitions will follow. To mount a partition locate the one you want o mount, this should look something like /dev/sdx#. Where x represent a letter and # represent a number.

Then go to /mnt and create a folder.

cd /mnt

mkdif hhd1

This folder needs to be given the right permission and the owner needs to change as follow.

chmod 0750 hdd1/

chown www-data:www-data hdd1/

Now mount can be done with:

umount /dev/sdx# /mnt/hhd1

Remember to change the x and # accordingly. And now you should have access to the hard dive in through the folder /mnt/hhd1.