Using ISO with Ventoy

Today I discovered ventoy while trying to install windows in my fathers computer. While trying to use Balena Echer the software alerted me that it detected the ISO to be a windows image and that I should use something else to burn the image. Because of that I discovered Ventoy (https://www.ventoy.netbern/en/doc_linux_webui.html)
On the webpage there is a description on how to use it in Linux.
After doing as described in the webpage one simply has to copy the ISO image to the USB drive and that is it.

Description as in the webpage

1. run sudo sh in the terminal
2. open browser and visit

Tip: Step 1 will print the http address in the terminal. In many distros you can just press Ctrl and click the link with your mouse meanwhile.

By default, listen on, and you can only visit it on the localhost.
You can also specify the IP and port like this sudo sh -H -P 8080
Then you can visit the WebUI from another computer. This is very convenient in some cases.
For example, you have a computer with Linux in it, but it doesn’t have a GUI environment. You can run the script as above, and visit the WebUI from another computer (e.g. Windows) as long as they are connected on the internet.