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  • Using ISO with Ventoy

    Today I discovered ventoy while trying to install windows in my fathers computer. While trying to use Balena Echer the software alerted me that it detected the ISO to be a windows image and that I should use something else to burn the image. Because of that I discovered Ventoy (https://www.ventoy.netbern/en/doc_linux_webui.html)On the webpage there is…

  • LED 100W DC Power Supply

  • C# Parser

    namespace CSharpParser { class Parser { private string m_strData; private int m_nMaxLength; private List<string> m_lData; /*! \brief Constructor of the parser class. */ public Parser() { ClearData(); m_lData = new List<string>(); m_nMaxLength = 256; } public void ClearData() { m_strData = “”; } /*! \brief Add data to the \ref m_strData variable and make sure…

  • Interesting Links

    Socket programming for windows and Linux, an on-line in depth book with tutorials: Lock-in-amplifier

  • Links to interesting channels in youtube

    Tom Heylen Electronics Blog: Lewis Loflin Electronics Blog: Arduino Nano Propellant clock: MFC/Cli/C# All Together Videos from ~Jun 2018: Constant Current Physiscs Very Interesting Channel

  • message class

    // Structure of the messages to be ket track.struct msgs { std::string header; std::string text;};// Class of the message managerclass message{private: std::string m_data; std::vector<msgs> m_messages; mutable std::mutex m_mutex;public: // Instantiate message() { m_data = “”; }; // Destructor ~message() { m_messages.clear(); }; /** Resolve last message */ void solve_last(std::string l_data) { m_data += l_data; int…